[Qoo News] D_Cide Traumerei Mobile Game Now Goes Live! Login to Obtain 4-Star Astra Record!


Sumzap, Drecom, and Bushiroad’s D_Cide Traumerei officially launched for iOS and Android on September 30, 2021.



To celebrate the game launch, a Starter Dash Login Bonus campaign is currently held. Player who login the game in seven consecutive days can obtain a Knocker-up Guaranteed Gacha Ticket on day 3 and ★4 Astra Record Guaranteed Gacha Ticket on day 7 as rewards.


The game’s first event “Call from the Painting Mansion”(絵画屋敷の呼び声) is also held from now to October 18, 21:59 [JPT]. Challenge the event quest and boss battle to get the ★3 Astra Record “Unfamiliar Welcome” (慣れないお出迎え). The event will be available after clearing Main Story Chapter 1.


About D_Cide Traumerei

The protagonist Randōu is a normal high school student who was accidentally involved in a miserable and unusual incident. He was selected as the “Knocker-Up” who can travel between dreams and the real world and destroy the Nightmare (Monster) with unique abilities.

D_Cide Traumerei is an adventure mobile RPG where players can enjoy a rich story in a fantasy world full of dreams and expressive characters. The game features a simple and highly strategic turn-based command battle system. Make full use of the “Over Mode” (which allows you to become stronger for a certain period of time), and destroy the Nightmares together.

Check out QooApp’s Hands-On Preview HERE to learn more about the gameplay!



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