It won't take long for FGO to dominate Google

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What can you find when you google famous historical figures?

Somewhere not in Japan, a professor googled Nero – the great, the last Roman emperor, during a history class. He wanted to show his students a picture of Nero, so he made his search viewable to the entire lecture hall on a projection screen.

And everyone saw this.

It was not the Nero they were looking forward to.


It was Nero from Fate/Grand Order (FGO).


Maybe the point of this tweet is how embarrassing it is to show a sexy anime girl in class, but the Japanese has focused on the influence of FGO instead. They said, since the fate series uses so many mythical and historical figures as characters, plus it has become extremely popular globally, it is now so difficult to get correct search results of these people on Google.

Searching for Saber in Japan gets you results like this.


Searching in Japanese doesn’t work, because Fate adopts a different Japanese spelling to avoid confusion with the real persons. For example, for talking about the real Saber – the sword, we write “サーベル” instead of the Fate’s way “セイバー”.

This is Gilgamesh.


Searching for some locals in kanji doesn’t help at all. Still many FGO-related results. Here is the result for Amakusa Shiro.


We haven’t tried searching for historical figures outside Japan, so we are not really sure if it is the same in your country. Let us know in the comment section below!

In the end, we want to wrap this up with an opinion we saw online.

“Can’t wait to see all search results of historical figures to be Fate-related.”

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