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Captain Tsubasa

Nankatsu is finally preparing to head off to the nationals! What awaits the powerful Tsubasa at the nationals? Will he encounter new rivals? Maybe meet old teammates from the past? It’s an exhilarating adventure with many twists and turns. Today we’ll be comparing the final half of chapter 15 along with chapters 16 and 17 of Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼).

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Hidden Windows Computer

With the modernization of the anime, lots of small technical references have appeared every now and then. As Genzo is informed by his doctor to not continue playing in the nationals due to the further damage he can cause to his foot, a sneaking laptop can be seen in the background. A laptop that happens to have be branding a very familiar logo!

An Endearing Send-off

Everyone is very enthusiastic for Nankatsu FC heading off to the nationals! The anime emphasizes the excitement and attachment each character has for Nankatsu. A single train ride away from Tokyo, all the families gather outside to cheer on the many members of Nankatsu. We can see Ryo’s mother cutely boost his confidence, Sanae and the rest of the club cheering their hearts out to Tsubasa, and Tsubasa’s mother encouraging to give it his all.

Genzo’s Unfortunate Phone Call

With Nankatsu FC facing off against Meiwa FC on their first match, Tsubasa shares the news with Genzo through a late-night phone call. This is the first time in the anime where Genzo is made aware of such news. Quite an opposite depiction in the manga as it’s shown that he was ALREADY aware of such news. How he may have known about such news isn’t explained in the manga, let alone any reference of a cell phone being used is visible.

Meiwa’s New Captain?!

An unexpected new scene appears in the anime as Kojiro Hyuga is walking down the hallway of the hotel with Takeshi Sawada. Suddenly being stopped by his teammates exclaiming to Kojiro to wear the captain armband, only to quickly refuse it, and hand it down to Takeshi who stands beside him. A strange decision made by the captain of Meiwa FC. What could the intentions behind not wearing a simple armband be?

A Flirtatious Sanae Deleted Scene

As Sanae and the rest of the cheerleader club standby on the side of the road trying to hitchhike for a ride. They’re unsuccessful in getting a single person to stop, Sanae comes up with a very scandalous idea of catcalling for a ride. In hopes of persuading anyone with her alluring looks, she gets called out instead by a passerby driver! It’s very apparent as to why this scene might have been brushed off from being shown in the anime entirely. There are many young adults that are here to admire Tsubasa, not Sanae of course!

A Grand Entrance 

As the cheerleader club is finally able to get a ride from a fellow truck driver, he’s unable to take in the entire club in a single truck. Quickly calling for backup from his fellow drivers, a massive haul of trucks appears from the distance. Ready to take the entire cheerleading club to the nationals! Quite a change from the manga as a single truck is able to handle the entire club without issue.

It’s Nankatsu vs. Meiwa! Who will end up victorious in this fierce rivalry? With Genzo’s unfortunate injury, it’s up to Tsubasa to pay back Genzo’s promise. There’re more than just the nationals on the line, both players will be sacrificing their dreams in this electrifying first matchup. Find out what happens on the next episode of Captain Tsubasa Episode 14: Fire Up, Nankatsu! Defeat Meiwa!!


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