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A Talk with God of High School Mobile Game Creators

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Previously set to release on 24th November, the global version of God of High School’s mobile game has been delayed to premiere time-exclusively on QooApp in early December 2020!

God of High School is a popular Korean webtoon revolving around Mori Jin who, at the beginning of the series, joins a martial arts competition known as God of High School where the winner is promised to have their wish fulfilled, no questions asked.

The game features a turn-based combat system. Players will be able to collect different versions of their favorite characters from their early appearances in the series to their more powerful forms as they grow stronger in the series.

In celebration of the global version’s launch, we got in contact with the creators of the game to get a look behind the creation of the game and what players can expect to see in the game’s future.


Q1. Since the game was newly launched in Global, please introduce the charm of the game.

GOD of High School is a mobile RPG that is based on the webtoon of the same name. Whilst the game has certain hurdles that can be made easier by paying, the game is still mostly friendly to free-to-play players. When players raise their character to the max level, they will be rewarded with premium items and all the materials required to upgrade a character to the highest grade (Ancient God) can be farmed without paying. So in my opinion, the most charming part of the game is how free-to-play friendly it is.

Q2. How many characters are available in the game right now?

Currently, there are approximately 800 playable characters. Of the 800, around 100 characters are key card characters. As we add new scenarios and arcs from the series, new characters will also be added. New characters that are added will counter the current meta in the game and to counter these new characters we encourage players to use characters that were not in the meta being replaced.

Q3. Can you explain the process of creating a character for the game? And how long does it take?

It takes around one month to create one new character for the game. First, we have to go through the different arcs of the webtoon and choose a character that we will add. Then, we have to discuss the animations, feature points, and the skills of the character. We try to stay true to the original work as much as possible so players won’t feel that the character is out of place when they play. After all that is done, we work on the numbers, making sure the game stays balanced.

Q4. How much freedom do you have on character design? Will the game introduce original characters?

We have created characters that were not exactly in the webtoon like seasonal characters and event characters. For event characters, there is the TS version of the main characters. Examples of seasonal characters would be the beachwear versions and the Halloween versions. Creating the items for these characters, as well as balancing require more than other characters.

Summer Season, Halloween Version, Second Creation

Q5. Which parts of the game’s system were the hardest to create and implement to the game?

Creating the game system was rather smooth, the hardest part was capturing the feelings that players felt after reading the original webtoon. We tried hard to retain the feelings of the original webtoon whilst offering players a new experience in the game. Still, we know we have a lot to fix, but I hope users will understand that we are doing our best.

Q6. Favorite character from the series & why?

Jecheon Daesung – armor S mode is my favorite character. It’s was the first Ancient God character and we really put a lot of effort into this character so, to me, this character is more special than other characters.

Q7. If you could create an original character, what kind of character would you like to add to the game?

We would like to try to make Webtoon G.O.H writer Park Yong-jae’s avatar which sometimes appears in the webtoon. To add some fun factor for the game, maybe he could use random skills of GOH characters whenever this character attacks. That would be a fun idea I guess.

Q8. Collaborations? What would you want to collaborate with the most?

If we had the chance, we would like to try collaborating with One Punch Man. Not just because the IP is popular, but also because the core of OPM combines comedy and fighting. I think it will go well with GOH. Additionally, we can make new side-story scenarios for GOH fans.

Q9. What are the future plans for “G.O.H”?

The trend for collectible RPG’s contents and events is changing ever so quickly nowadays. To keep up with the times, we are developing various content to provide fun and convenience to players. Think of this as a teaser, we are thinking about contents that will help players obtain the characters they want more easily and large-scaled content that focuses on characters that players have fully promoted in the past but no longer uses now.

Q10 Are there any words you want to share with players?

As the first game developer of G.O.H IP we will do our best to give good memories to all who play our game and try to communicate with people who are interested in our game. Don’t forget to join our pre-register and have a nice day. Thank you

As the first game developer of the God of High School IP, we will do our best to give all our players a pleasant memory and try to communicate with people who are interested in our game. Don’t forget to join our pre-registration for the global version and have a nice day. Thank you.

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