Honkai Impact 3rd v5.7 “Song Of Perdition” Arrives Today!


Honkai Impact 3rd‘s latest update, v5.7 “Song Of Perdition” Is officially here! characters Aponia and Eden join the fray, and coming with them are new story content and the Shattered Dimensions event! Uncover the secrets of the Elysian realms, and unravel the tangling plot threads when you update your game today!

Honkai Impact 3rd Song of Perdition Trailer

Honkai Impact 3rd New Characters

■ New Valkyrie Disciplinary Perdition Aponia

Aponia, who made her debut back in v5.0, brings the destined trial with her S-Rank BIO battlesuit, Disciplinary Perdition. Specializing in lightning damage with her Chakram, Lost Conviction. Aponia’s beautiful butterfly-designed outfit will dazzle her opponents while she rains down the discipline trials from the heavens!

Honkai Impact 3rd
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EN 2 01987

■ New Valkyrie Golden Diva Eden

Golden Diva Eden also makes an appearance. This musician from the Previous Era, with her IMG-ranged battlesuit, deals vicious lightning damage to all of her foes! Her beautiful fighting style allows her to support allies when swapped out on the battlefield, and she makes sure the last thing her enemies hear, is the sound of her harp!

Honkai 3rd v57 002
Honkai 3rd v57 004
EN 5 03136

Gacha banners for Aponia, and Diva, will be available from May 19, to June 16 12:00 [JST]

Honkai Impact 3rd – Shattered Dimensions Event

The Shattered Dimensions event has arrived! Players will need to travel to a foreign, hostile space and defeat a new enemy, Latent Hunters. Complete the event to receive rewards including the Bright Knight: Excelsis outfit, Gale Hunter, Golden Diva Fragments, Crystals, and more!

Honkai 3rd v57 005
Honkai 3rd v57 015

Honkai Impact 3rd – Tochter Aus Elysium Chapter XXIX!

Story Chapter XXIX: Tochter Aus Elysium is finally here! The Elysium Everlasting open-world section has arrived, with new Weapon Cards debuting! To celebrate, there is currently an event running with login bonus rewards and event missions for Tochter Aus Elysium! Play now to get the Bringer of Light Stigma Option, fragments for the Golden Diva, Crystals, and more goodies you can exchange at the Immortal Hymn shop!

Honkai 3rd v57 017
Honkai 3rd v57 018
Honkai 3rd v57 016
Honkai 3rd v57 013

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