[Qoo News] Mr. Qoo’s Birthday Party Special Celebration Events BEGINS!


If you have been visiting our special Mr. Qoo’s Birthday Party event page then you will know that throughout August, we will be celebrating Mr. Qoo’s birthday with a month-long virtual party for everyone to join. Today (9th August), The party escalates to a whole new level! From now until the end of August (31st August), two new events will launch featuring tantalizing spending rewards and time-limited gift packs.

Qoo's Birthday

Mr. Qoo Loves U 999

The Mr. Qoo Loves U 999 event rewards players with special gift codes for every single transaction over 9.99USD for the games listed below. There are no limits to how many gift codes you can receive during the event duration! As long as you spend over 9.99USD on a single transaction for the game, you will receive a new gift code to redeem!


● Sword and Magic:
Virtue Pack*30
Fable Credit Crystal*10
Tonitus Fostone*10″

● Code: Seed
Character Level 30 Growing Resource Pack (Value USD9.99)
Training Point*51460
Energy Crystalline*225
Advanced Capsule Optional*105

● Tiny Fantasy

● The Rising of the Shield Hero: RISE
*Each account can receive a maximum of 1 serial number.
Monster Egg*1
Refining Grindstone*5
Perfect Crystal Jade*10
Silver coin*30000

● Guardians of Cloudia
chicken headphones *1
sacred windbell*3
pet exp*100k

● Pixel and Adventure
Breakthrough Order*400
Gold coin*1000000
Hero experience bottle*2000000

Mr. Qoo’s Birthday Gift Pack

In addition to the spending rewards, Mr. Qoo has joined hands with Sword and Magic, Code: Seed, and Tiny Fantasy to bring special gift packs that players can buy to receive lucrative in-game items! Note that each gift pack can only be purchased once per day. *QooApp and the game reserve the right to modify and explain the event.


● Sword and Magic:
Gear Redeem Voucher*5
Red Badge Shard*5
Fable Credit Crystal*10
Tonitus Fostone*10

Price: 600 diamond
Sale Time: From now until 8/31

● Code: Seed:
Signal Disc*20
The lost map (Exploration Mopping-up ticket)*50
Map of the island (Ocean Dungeon Mopping-up ticket)*50

Price: 9.99USD
Sale Time: From now until 8/31

● Tiny Fantasy
Epic follower [Mad Egger]*1
Epic equipment [Bunny Ear]*1

Price: 16.99USD
Sale Time: From now until 8/30

Check out the Mt. Qoo Birthday Party event page for more exciting events and special greeting cards Mr. Qoo received from friends and business partners!

Greeting Cards Highlight

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