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*Updated on Sept 23, 2021 (5.41. Agnes Digital) (6. SSR Ikuno Dictus


1. Beginner’s Guide

2. Latest News

3. About Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

4. Gameplay

5. Character Profile & Review

5.1. Special Week

5.2. Silence Suzuka

5.3. Tokai Teio

5.4. Maruzensky

5.5. Oguri Cap

  5.6. Taiki Shuttle

 5.7. Mejiro McQueen

 5.8. Symboli Rudolf

5.9. Rice Shower

 5.10. Gold Ship

5.11. Vodka

5.12. Daiwa Scarlet

 5.13. Grass Wonder

 5.14. El Condor Pasa

  5.15. Air Groove

5.16. Mayano Top Gun

5.17. Super Creek

 5.18. Mejiro Ryan

  5.19. Agnes Tachyon

  5.20. Winning Ticket

5.21. Sakura Bakushin O

   5.22. Haru Urara

  5.24. Matikanefukukitaru

   5.25. Nice Nature

  5.26. King Halo

  5.27. T.M. Opera O

  5.28. Mihono Bourbon

  5.29. Biwa Hayahide

  5.30. Curren Chan

5.31. Narita Taishin

5.32. Smart Falcon

5.33. Narita Brian

5.34. Seiun Sky

5.35. Hishi Amazon

5.36. Fuji Kiseki

5.37. Gold City

5.38. Meisho Doto

5.39. Eishin Flash

5.40. Hisyi Akebono

5.41. Agnes Digital


6. Support Cards

SSR Ikuno Dictus




7. Video



Beginner’s Guide

■ Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Guide: How to Train A-Rank Horses?




■ [Sept 28, 2021] Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Adds Halloween Rice Shower & Super Creek to Gacha on Sept 29

■ [Sept 9, 2021] Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Adds 3-Star Hisyi Akebono to Gacha on September 10

■ [Aug 30, 2021] Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Adds New Costume Matikanefukukitaru to Gacha on August 30

■ [Aug 27, 2021] Uma Musume: Pretty Derby New Scenario Event “Aoharu Cup ~ Shine, Team Bonds ~” Starts on August 30

■ [Aug 19, 2021] Uma Musume: Pretty Derby’s Eishin Flash Coming to Gacha From August 20

■ [Aug 13, 2021] Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Half Anniversary Campaign Starts From August 16! New Uma Musume Coming in late August!

■ [Aug 11, 2021] Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Adds ★3 Meisho Doto in Gacha From August 11

■ [July 28, 2021] Uma Musume: Pretty Derby First Summer Event Begins on July 29! Swimsuit Special Week and Maruzensky Appears!

■  [Feb 23, 2021]Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Mobile Game Now Available for Preload!

■ [Feb 11, 2021] Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Coming to PC on March 10

■ [Dec 21, 2020] Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Mobile Game Coming on February 24! Anime 2nd Season Premieres on January 4!

■ [Mar 25, 2018] Cygames opens pre-registration for Uma Musume Pretty Derby mobile game @AJ 2018

Uma Musume Pretty Derby



About Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a multimedia franchise created by Cygames. It features horse girls that named after famous Japanese racehorses and are inspired by the career and personality of them. The franchise has inspired an anime television series by P.A.Works, which aired from April to June 2018. The second season by Studio Kai aired from January to March 2021.

The mobile game Uma Musume: Pretty Derby was first announced in March 2016. It was originally set to be released in late 2018, but was delayed for quality improvement until its release on February 24, 2021. The game has achieved 9 million downloads as of July 2021.




Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a horse girl training game, where players play as a new trainer in Nihon Uma Musume Training Center Gakuen and aims to train your horses to take champion in different races.

Players have to choose the right menu to train the Uma Musume according to their characteristics. Taking them to karaoke or go for a walk to recover their stamina so as to make their training more successful.

Go training with other Uma Museume can build their bondings and enhance their status. Different special holiday events will also be available for you to create a special memory with them.

Prepare your Uma Museume to challenge different races and take the stage center of the live performance by winning the race! PvP content is also available for you to form teams with your Uma Musume and join races to compete with players around the world!



Character Profile

 Name Special Week
 CV Azumi Waki
Birthday May 2
Height  158cm
Weight Slightly decrease when she get stressed before race
Three Sizes  B 79 / W 57 / H 81
Introduction Special Week is known for her bright character and positive thinking. Her birth mother died shortly after she was born and she was raised by her human mother in Hokkaido.

Special Week as Breedable Character

 ★3 Special Week  ★3 Special Week
Suggested Distance: Long/ Middle  Suggested Distance: Long/ Middle
Suggested Strategy: Leading/ Between  Suggested Strategy: Leading/ Between
 Rank: A  Rank: A
 Review: Unique skill helps speed up at the end of the race

High stamina status favourable for long distance race

Rare skill after awaken is easy to activate

Review: Healing Unique Skill favour long distance

BUT Need specific conditions to activate her fixed skill

Get 2 types of rare Gold Skill

Performance is not as good as the normal ver.

Special Week as Support Card

 SSR [The Best Stage in Japan]
Special Week
 SSR [Longing for the Color of Sunset]
Special Week
 Guts  Speed
 Rank: C  Rank:  C

 Review: Not quit useful if no limit break

Have rare Gold Skill BUT not easy to get

Separate skill composition makes it difficult to focus on 1 purpose

Review:  Relatively high performance as an event card

Have useful healing skill for long distance race

BUT Low initial bondings, generate fewer events during training



 Name Silence Suzuka
 CV Marika Kouno
Birthday May 1
Height  161cm
Weight Not affected by race
Three Sizes B 70 / W 53 / H 79
 Introduction Silence Suzuka is described as a calm and silent bishojo. She has little concern to things around her except racing. The immerse devotion that she put in training makes her look like a tragic heroine in the eyes of many.

Silence Suzuka as Breedable Character

 ★3 Silence Suzuka
 Suggested Distance: Mile/ Middle Distance
 Suggested Strategy: Escape
 Rank: B
 Review: Unique skill speeds up if she leads at final straight

BUT it only activate under strict conditions

Awaken skill goes well with Escape

Silence Suzuka as Support Card

 SSR [Beyond the Shining Stage]
Silence Suzuka
SSR [Beyond the Shining Stage]
Silence Suzuka
 Speed  Stamina
 Rank: A  Rank: C
 Review: Highly recommended for beginners

Has around 7 skills for Escape

High friendship bonus & 得意率 (Speciality Rate) even no limit break

thus Friendship Training frequently appears

Review: Obtained via 1st Anniversary EventLow stats, But gets lots of training effects

Skill “コンセントレーション” (Concentration) guaranteed

Multiple Escape skills



Name Tokai Teio
CV Machico
Birthday April 20
Height 150cm
Weight Not affected by race
Three Sizes B 77 / W 54 / H 76
Description Tokai Teio is a lively horse girl always with a big smile on her face. She is well known for her unique way of light-weighted footwork, the “Teio Step”. She is a big fan of “Emperor” Symboli Rudolf, and aims to have an unbeatable record like a Teio.

Tokai Teio  as Breedable Character

★3 Tokai Teio  ★3 Tokai Teio 
(New Costume)
Suggested Distance: Middle Suggested Distance: Middle/ Long 
Suggested Strategy: Leading/ Between Suggested Strategy: Leading/ Between
Rank: B Rank: A
Review: Unique skill ↑ speed at final straight

BUT condition is rather strict

Has 2 speed up skills after awaken

Suggested to get Long Distance factors for training & increase stamina

Review: Unique Skill ↑ speed when she chase ahead at final straight

Awaken skill can recover stamina

Suggest to raise her Long Distance Preference to A

Tokai Teio as Support Card

SSR [Go for Your Dreams!]
Tokai Teio 
SSR [Two Noble Lights]
Tokai Teio (Bonus)
Speed Power
Rank: S Rank: C
Review: Excellent Speed card with high versatility

Multiple skills flavour Middle Distance & Leading

↑ Motivation & Keep character in Best Condition

Race/Fan Bonus after limit break

Review: A bonus for purchasing anime Blu-ray

Skills focus on Middle Distance & Leading

High Initial Status & help win race at the beginning

BUT support effect is modest overall

Gold skill not easy to use



Name Maruzensky
CV Lynn
Birthday May 19
Height 164cm
Weight Always Perfect
Three Sizes B 93 / W 58 / H 88
Description Maruzensky is a friendly, bright girl. She is like a ‘big sister’ figure to others and a role model for younger horse girls. Her sense is a little bit old fashioned and different from others. But she cares about this so much that she begins to pay attention to recent trend.

Maruzensky as Breedable Character

★3 Maruzensky ★3 Maruzensky
 Suggested Distance: Mile/ Short / Dirt  Suggested Distance: Mile/ Middle 
 Suggested Strategy: Escape   Suggested Strategy: Escape
 Rank: S Rank: S
Review: Suitable for races of different distance

Unique Skill ↑speed after the final corner & easy to activate with Escape

Awaken skills flavour Mile

  Review: Speed+15%/ Wisdom+15%, excellent growth rate

Gold healing skill after awaken

BUT A bit difficult to activate main skills cuz of its unique condition

Normal ver. is more suitable for team race

Swim Suit ver. is more suitable for Champion Meetng



Name Oguri Cap
CV Tomoyo Takayanagi
Birthday March 27
Height 167cm
Weight Slightly increase as she eats too much before race
Three Sizes B 78 / W 58 / H 82
Description Though Oguri Cup looks like a cool girl at first glance, she is a country girl who has an honest and naive personality. Her clumsiness makes her difficult to make friends. Her dedication is strong when it comes to food and races.

Oguri Cap as Breedable Character

★3 Oguri Cap
Suggested Distance: Dirt/ Mile
Suggested Strategy: Between/ Leading
Rank: S
Review: Valuable Character for Dirt Race

Unique Skill allow her to outrun others at remaining 200m

Get healing and corner speeding skill after awaken

Easy to raise after increasing her Dirt & Long Distance preference

Oguri Cap as Support Card

SSR [I Want Your Love]
Oguri Cap
Rank: A
Review: Many useful skills that help characters speed up

Gold Skill is useful for Mile race, but difficult to get in training

2 Power bonus that increase Power stats

Help increase motivation



Name Taiki Shuttle
CV Yuka Ōtsubo
Birthday March 23
Height 172cm
Weight Slightly increase (BUT NO PROBLEM!)
Three Sizes B 94 / W 59 / H 90
Description Taiki Shuttle is a joyful and bright cowgirl born in Kentucky, USA. Her overwhelming energy sometimes make others tired. She surprisingly hates being alone. As an exchange students, she strives hard to be approved.

Taiki Shuttle as Breedable Character

★3 Taiki Shuttle
 Suggested Distance: Dirt/ Mile
Suggested Strategy: Leading
 Rank: A

Valuable Character for Dirt Race

Unique skill Activates when she gets good position at final corner

Awaken skill flavour Mile Race



Name Mejiro McQueen
CV Saori Ōnishi
Birthday March 3
Height 159cm
Weight Slightly increase (Desperately adjusting!)
Three Sizes B 71 / W 54 / H 76
Description As one of the Mejiro family’s pedigrees, Mejiro McQueen’s elegant and lady-like behaviour gain respect of others. She is proud of her bloodline and is aiming to take championship in Tenno Sho, in which her mother and grandmother won before.

Mejiro McQueen as Breedable Character

★3 Mejiro McQueen  ★3 Mejiro McQueen (New Costume)
Suggested Distance: Long/ Middle Suggested Distance: Long/ Middle
Suggested Strategy: Escape/ Leading Suggested Strategy: Escape/ Leading
Rank: S Rank: B
Review: Unique skill activate when she is in the front row at final corner

Main Skill is easier to activate than the New Costume ver.

Awaken Skill keep her leading  + healing

Review: Unique Skill ↑ speed when she is exhausted at final corner

This condition makes it difficult to activate

Awaken Skill specializes in straight line

Mejiro McQueen as Support Card

SSR [As Ace…]
Mejiro McQueen
 Rank: D
 Review: Can be obtained by clearing story & limit breaks possible with circle pt.

Rare gold skill recover stamina for Long Distance

Multiple skills for Long Distance & Leading

A well-balanced card but is generally less useful than gacha cards



Name Symboli Rudolf
CV Azusa Tadokoro
Birthday March 13
Height 165cm
Weight Pretty ideal
Three Sizes B 86 / W 59 / H 85
Description Symboli Rudolf is Tracen Academy’s student council president. Known as the “Emperor,” she is respected by the juniors. She judges with fairness and cares heavily for the school’s image

Symboli Rudolf as Breedable Character

★3 Symboli Rudolf
 Suggested Distance: Long/ Middle
 Suggested Strategy: Between
 Rank: S
 Review: Unique Skill ↑ speed at final straight when she is outran three times

Main skill goes well with Between

Stamina bonus + 20% brings advantages in Long/ Middle races

Awaken skills can interfere others & speed up at corner



Name Rice Shower
CV Manaka Iwami
Birthday March 5
Height 145cm
Weight Not affected by race
Three Sizes B 75 / W 51 / H 76
Description Rice Shower is an honest and pure Uma Musume. She thinks that her existence brings misfortunate and thus avoid others on purpose. Though her soft heart makes her cry whenever things happen, she’s a strong, beautiful girl who fights with all her strength.

Rice Shower as Breedable Character

★3 Rice Shower
Suggested Distance: Long/ Middle
Suggested Strategy: Leading
Rank: C
Review: Unique Skill ↑ speed at final straight

Awaken skill strengthens downhill & recover stamina at straight line

BUT rather difficult to train compare to other horses

Rice Shower as Support Card

SSR [When Happiness Comes…]
Rice Shower
SSR [Happiness is Beyond the Corner]
Rice Shower
Stamina  Power
Rank: D  Rank: S
Review: Full limit break possible as an event card

Rare gold skill recover stamina & useful for long distance race

BUT many skills not flavour Leading

Low initial bondings, fewer event generated during training

Review: Best recover Gold Skill “円弧のマエストロ”

2 types of bonus, Power & Stamina

High Speciality Rate, flavour training

Initial Bonding 20% up, help build friendship easily

Top-class training effect after full limit breaks



Name Gold Ship
CV Hitomi Ueda
Birthday March 6
Height 170cm
Weight Unmeasurable
Three Sizes B 88 / W 55 / H 88
Description Gold Ship is a beautiful horse girl with outstanding proportions and fluttering sliver grey hair. On contrary to her appearance, she is a dynamic easygoing girl with a sharp tongue. She has a laid-back personality that wraps the opponent in smoke with unclear tension and behaviour.

Gold Ship as Breedable Character

★2 Gold Ship
Suggested Distance: Long
Suggested Strategy: Pushing
Rank: S
Review: Unique Skill Speeds up at the Middle of the race

Very powerful when it awaken as 3-Star

Awaken skills widen vision & make her not easy to get tired

Gold Ship as Support Card

SSR [Go! Unsinkable Ship!]
Gold Ship
SSR [Legend of Horse King,
The Case when it Became the Strongest]
Gold Ship
Stamina  Speed
Rank: C  Rank: D
Review: Gold rare skill Curve Sommelier

Gets many skills, specializes in Pushing

High Hint Lv, make it easy to get skills during training

BUT No Speciality Rate, unfavourable to train stamina

Review: Full limit break possible as an event card

Difficult to activate Gold skill except for Escape

Has lots of skills, so difficult to get the skills you aim for



Name Vodka
CV Ayaka Ohashi
Birthday April 4
Height 165cm
Weight No in/decrease
Three Sizes B 76 / W 55 / H 78
Description Vodka is a horse girl with a boyish disposition. She has a mischievous, cheeky and rebellious personality as she always argues about small problems. She absolutely despises being patronized or treated like a child. Even though she’s a bit naive and innocent, she gets nosebleed when she hears erotic topic.

Vodka as Breedable Character

★2 Vodka
Suggested Distance: Mile
Suggested Strategy: Between/ Leading
Rank: S
Review:Unique Skill makes her stronger at the remaining 200m

Awaken skill recovers stamina at straight line & flavour Mile Race

Easy to train, with training bonus of Speed +10% & Power +20%

Vodka as Support Card

SSR [Road of Vodka]
Rank: S
Review: Has good healing gold skill

Lots of versatile skills that help increase speed

High Speciality Rate & Friendship Bonus make training efficient

Can obtain power bonus & Hint Lv Increase after limit breaks



Name Daiwa Scarlet
CV Chisa Kimura
Birthday May 13
Height 163cm
Weight Unknown (Refuse to measure)
Three Sizes B 93 / W 56 / H 82
Description Daiwa Scarlet is an idol recognized by everyone as her bright and gentle personality warms up others. But what is truly inside is a competitive and prideful perfectionist that hates losing.

Daiwa Scarlet as Breedable Character

★2 Daiwa Scarlet
Suggested Distance: Mile/ Middle
Suggested Strategy: Escape/ Leading
Rank: B
Review: Unique Skill helps keep 1st place at the 2nd half of the race

Awaken Skills helps get good position & recover

Strict skill conditions makes her less competitive than other characters

Daiwa Scarlet as Support Card

SR [Effects will not Betray]
Daiwa Scarlet
SSR [Trifle ☆ Vacation]
Daiwa Scarlet
Intelligence Power
Rank: C  Rank: D
Review: High initial bonding

Useful skills for middle & leading even without limit breaks

BUT no other growth bonus except Wisdom

so can’t help train other status

Review: Full limit break possible as an event card

Gold rare skill flavour Leading

Active in supporting Chimi’s stamina

BUT low training performance



Name Grass Wonder
CV Rena Maeda
Birthday February 18
Height 152cm
Weight No In/Decrease
Three Sizes B 78 / W 53 / H 84
Description Grass Wonder is a mindful girl who manifests a courteous demeanor. Although she was born in an American family, she is fluent in Japanese and soft-spoken. She is well known as a good counselor who helps everyone carefully and cares deeply for others

Grass Wonder as Breedable Character

★2 Grass Wonder  ★3 Grass Wonder (New Costume)
Suggested Distance: Mile/ Middle  Suggested Distance: Long
Suggested Strategy: Between  Suggested Strategy: Between
Rank: A Rank: B
Review: Unique Skill Speeds up when she is outran by others

Useful in all kinds of Middle Race

BUT no bonus on stamina, so it is rather difficult to train

Review: Unique Skill recovers stamina

BUT under strict conditions, make it difficult to activate

Awaken skill also recovers, useful for Long Distance & Between

Training Bonus +15% Intelligence has no use for Long race

Grass Wonder as Support Card

SSR [A Dignified Presence in Multitude of Colours
Grass Wonder
Rank: C
Review: Skills flavour Mile & Between

High initial bond gauge & Speciality Rate makes training efficient

An option for training Guts



Name El Condor Pasa
CV Minami Takahashi
Birthday March 17
Height 163cm
Weight Slightly increase (Thanks to muscle training!)
Three Sizes B 89 / W 58 / H 86

El Condor Pasa is a very bright and energetic girl, who comes from the United States. Her trademark mask is an important item given by her father. She keeps a pet in secret, which annoys her roommates. She likes watching martial arts and spicy food.

El Condor Pasaas Breedable Character

★2 El Condor Pasa  ★3 El Condor Pasa (New Costume)
Suggested Distance: Dirt/Mile Suggested Distance: Dirt/Mile
Suggested Strategy: Leading Suggested Strategy: Between
Rank: A  Rank: B
Review: Valuable Characters for Dirt Race

Unique Skill keeps advantageous position at final straight

Awaken skill widen vision & recover

The only ★2 character that can run both Grass and Dirt race

Review: Unique skill ↑speed when she is at the middle at final corner

Difficult to activate, but powerful depends on situation

Growth rate bonus is Speed +15% & Guts+15%

harder to use than normal ver.

focus won’t put on Guts in training

El Condor Pasa as Support Card

SSR [Passion Championa!]
El Condor Pasa
Rank: B
Review: Skills flavour Middle & Leading

High Race & Fans Bonus

Powerful after full limit breaks (Power bonus + ↑Training Effects)

Especially useful when you want to earn more fans



Name Air Groove
CV Ruriko Aoki
Birthday April 6
Height 165cm
Weight Everything is Perfect
Three Sizes B 90 / W 57 / H 86
Description Air Groove is praised with the title “Empress” because of  her excellent abilities. She has excellent looks and grades, and can accomplish anything perfectly. She has a bit of a thorny arrogance but it’s only because of her great sincerity and respect for racing.

Air Groove as Breedable Character

★2 Air Groove  ★3 Air Groove (Wedding)
Suggested Distance: Mile/ Short Suggested Distance: Mile/ Middle
Suggested Strategy: Between Suggested Strategy: Leading
Rank: S  Rank: A
Review: Unique Skill ↑speed when passing in the back in last corner

Speed & Power Bonus flavour Short Distance Race

Awaken Skills obstruct & narrow the vision of others

A powerful character after getting Mile/ short distance factors

Review: Good at Mile & Middle Race

Short Distance also Possible

Speed, Power & Guts Bonus

Unique Skill ↑ speed if she is in the front during the Middle Leg

But difficult to activate

Air Groove as Support Card

SR [Vice Chairman’s Stab]
Air Groove
Rank: E
Review: Skills specialize in obstructing Pushing

High Race Bonus even without limit breaks

Useful in training Guts

But Performance not as good as other support card



Name Mayano Top Gun
CV Mio Hoshitani
Birthday March 24
Height 143cm
Weight No in/decrease
Three Sizes B 76 / W 51 / H 73
Description Mayano Top Gun is an innocent and energetic girl. She is spoiled by her family being the youngest child. She’s quite a rambunctious troublemaker, and always making fun of the trainer. But recently she’s begun to grow up a little and act her age.

Mayano Top Gun as Breedable Character

★2 Mayano Top Gun  ★3 Mayano Top Gun (Wedding)
Suggested Distance: Long/ Middle Suggested Distance: Middle
Suggested Strategy: Escape/ Leading  Suggested Strategy: Leading
Rank: A  Rank: A
Review: Unique skill helps her easy to get out when competing in the front

Awaken Skill recovers stamina on straight line

Gets Event Charms (愛嬌) when she becomes 3-star

Stamina+20% & Guts+10% flavour Long/Middle race

 Review: Unique Skill ↑ speed if passing in the front

Awaken skill recovers stamina

Growth rate bonus on Speed/ Stamina/ Wisdom

Easier to train with well-balanced stats

Mayano Top Gun as Support Card

SR [Cute + Cute = ?]
Mayano Top Gun
Rank: C
Review: Many useful skills

Easy to get Skill Pt through Event

Skill Pt Bonus after full limit breaks

Good support effects & make the the training more efficient

No Initial Bonding, difficult to build Friendship



Name Super Creek
CV Kana Yuuki
Birthday May 27
Height 168cm
Weight Slightly increase (The reason is a secret~)
Three Sizes B 97 / W 61 / H 91
Description Super Creek is a gentle, carefree, and motherly sister figure. She dotes on others, and is full of patience. But in contrast to her healing power, in a race she can overwhelm all adversaries with her endless stamina.

Super Creek as Breedable Character

★2 Super Creek
Suggested Distance: Long
Suggested Strategy: Leading/ Between
Rank: A
Review: Unique Skill recovers

endurance if she is in good position at middle of the race

Awaken Skill obstructs vision

↑5% Failure Rate after 16 turns, so training is not stable

Super Creek as Support Card

SSR [A Grain of Comfort]
Super Creek
Rank: S
Review: Gets the Best Recover Skill “円弧のマエストロ”

High Training Effect & makes the training efficient

High race / fan number bonus

Training Effect +10% without limit breaks

Initial Bonds ↑ after limit breaks



Name Mejiro Ryan
CV Afumi Hashi
Birthday April 1
Height 163cm
Weight Slightly increase (muscle training!)
Three Sizes B 87 / W 57 / H 86
Description Mejiro Ryan is a horse girl whose trademark short hair reflects her invigorating personality. She loves muscle training. She possesses a wholesome mind and is capable of converting the frustration of a loss into motivation for the next race. She secretly wishes to grow her hair longer so she would look more like a girl.

Mejiro Ryan as Breedable Character

★1 Mejiro Ryan
Suggested Distance: Middle
Suggested Strategy: Between
Rank: B

Unique skill accelerates at the end of the race

BUT difficult to activate

Awaken Skills get good position & ↑ speed

Comparatively difficult to train

Mejiro Ryan as Support Card

SSR [Refreshing! Winning Shot!]
Mejiro Ryan
SR [Train and Respond!]
Mejiro Ryan
Guts  Power
Rank: D Rank: E
Review: Three types of bonuses: guts / power / skill pt

Valuable Race Bonus rarely found in Guts SSR Card

BUT weak Rare Skills & difficult to activate

Guts has lower priority than other status

Review: Many skills depends on Race Condition

Get Stamina Bonus after full limit breaks

No Speciality Rate




Name Agnes Tachyon
CV Sumire Uesaka
Birthday April 13
Height 159cm
Weight Refuse to measure
Three Sizes B 83 / W 55 / H 81
Description Agnes Tachyon goes to Tracen Academy to complete her physical remodelling research. She treats the trainer as an experimental entity or and an assistant of her research. However, she’s not at all malicious, and in fact has a jovial, playful disposition.

Agnes Tachyon as Breedable Character

★1 Agnes Tachyon
Suggested Distance: Middle
Suggested Strategy: Leading
Rank: A
Review: Unique skill restores endurance in the second half corner

Awaken Skills slow down front opponents & recovers

Growth Bonus Speed+20%, Guts+10%, easy to train Speed

BUT has events ↑stats at the cost of ↓motivation

↓motivation will change target race, need strategy to deal with this

Agnes Tachyon as Support Card

SR [Experimental Study on Entity A]
Agnes Tachyon
Rank: D
Review: Many skills for Middle & Between

Multiple Support Effects

High Fans & Race Bonus

BUT only useful to train Wisdom & no useful skills



Name Winning Ticket
CV Yui Watanabe
Birthday Mar 21
Height 157cm
Weight No in/decrease
Three Sizes B 88 / W 57 / H 85
Description Winning Ticket is an honest, straightforward horse girl who’s full of energy. She has a strong tendency toward deep emotion. She possesses an indomitable spirit and will stand back up more times than a persistent weed. Her dream is to obtain glory by taking control of the Japanese derby.

Winning Ticket as Breedable Character

★1 Winning Ticket
Suggested Distance: Middle
Suggested Strategy: Between
Rank: B
Review: Unique Skill ↑Speed when competing in the final straight

Awaken Skill specializes on Between

A good Middle racer if you don’t have ★3 charcters

Winning Ticket as Support Card

SSR [B・N・Winner!!]
Winning Ticket
SSR [Dreams Really Come True!]
Winning Ticket
Guts  Power
Rank: D  Rank: B
Review: Rare gold skill & many useful skills for Between

High Race/ Fans bonus

Hint Lv ↑ after limit breaks

An option if you want to train Guts

BUT generally Guts card has few merits for training

Review: Full limit breaks possible with circle pt

One of the strongest rare gold skills “全身全霊”

High initial bonds, easy to build friendship

BUT no Race/Fans Bonus

Purpose not unified for other skills


SSR [Full Power! Tantoramu~tsu~tsu]
Winning Ticket
Rank: C
Review: Many useful skills

But Gold Skill is difficult to use

Modest training performance

No bonus on Speciality Rate



Name Sakura Bakushin O
CV Sachika Misawa
Birthday April 14
Height 158cm
Weight No in/ decrease
Three Sizes B 83 / W 55 / H 83
Description Sakura Bakushin O is a hot-blooded horse girl who possesses a reputation for her endless speed and energy. She can be very impatient and hot-headed, recklessly running into situations without hesitation. She is also not very intelligent, can easily be swayed and is incapable of reading the atmosphere. She is also the class representative.

Sakura Bakushin O as Breedable Character

★1 Sakura Bakushin O
Suggested Distance: Short
Suggested Strategy: Escape
Rank: S
Review: Easy to train, a good horse for beginners

Unique Skill ↑ Speed when competing in the front in the second half

Awaken Skill flavours Short Distance

Growth Rate Bonus Speed+20% Wisdom+10%

Easy to grow Speed & makes her good at Short Distance

Sakura Bakushin O as Support Card

SSR [Quick! Good! Quick!]
Sakura Bakushin O
Rank: C
Review: Many useful skills for Short Distance

High Race/ Fans Bonus

Evaluation ↑ after full limit breaks

with Speed Bonus & ↑ Training Effect



Name Haru Urara
CV Yukina Shutō
Birthday Feb 27
Height 140cm
Weight Slightly increase (But no worries!)
Three Sizes B 74 / W 51 / H 73
Description Haru Urara is an energetic horse girl, who has  unending optimism and fighting spirit despite never having won a single race. She gets tired of everything easily and this may be the reason why it’s difficult for her win a race. Regardless, she still brightens up the everyday life in the academy.

Haru Urara as Breedable Character

★1 Haru Urara
Suggested Distance: Dirt
Suggested Strategy: Between/ Pushing
Rank: B
Review: An option for Dirt race

Unique skill recovers when there is a horse girl nearby

Awaken rare skill specializes recovery

Low Suitability on Turf & Middle/ Long Distance

Makes her difficult to win fans

Haru Urara as Support Card

SSR [Urara’s holiday]
Haru Urara
Rank: D
Review: Obtain by Friend’s pt, full Limit Breaks possible

Rare Recover Gold Skill, but difficult to activate

But no other skills available

An option if you want to train Guts



Name Matikanefukukitaru
CV Hiyori Nitta
Birthday May 22
Height 158cm
Weight It’s bad luck today so slightly decrease
Three Sizes B 84 / W 59 / H 83
Description Matikanefukukitaru is an eccentric horse girl who adores fortune telling. She enjoys checking the fortune-telling corner in magazines, even when she gets a bad fortune. She believes that luck is the most important factor in a race, and actually seems to display astounding ability on lucky days.

Matikanefukukitaru as Breedable Character

★1 Matikanefukukitaru  ★3 Matikanefukukitaru (New Costume)
Suggested Distance: Long/ Middle  Suggested Distance: Long/ Middle
Suggested Strategy: Between  Suggested Strategy: Between
Rank: B  Rank: B

Unique skill opens the way when  front is clogged at the end

Awaken skill obstruct vision & get stronger when her number is 7

A beginner’s character if you don’t have 3-star Long Between horse

 Review: Rare Gold Skills suitable for Long Distance

Unique skill can be activated easily

Growth Rate Bonus for Stamina, Wisdom & Guts

But there is no need for Guts Bonus

Matikanefukukitaru as Support Card

SR [Whereabouts of luck]
Rank: D
Review: Skills specialize on Between

Easy to get Skill Pt through events

Hint Lv 2 + Hint Rate 30% even no limit break

BUT no Race/Fans Bonus



Name Nice Nature
CV Kaori Maeda
Birthday April 16
Height 157cm
Weight No in/decrease
Three Sizes B 79 / W 56 / H 80
Description Nice Nature is shown as a mostly unassuming, unambitious, and laidback character, opting not to be overly expressive in most scenarios. She tends to not set people’s expectations too high either and acknowledges the fact that she isn’t very popular nor one of the strongest horse girls .

Nice Nature as Breedable Character

★1 Nice Nature
Suggested Distance: Middle
Suggested Strategy: Between/ Leading
Rank: B
Review: Unique skill ↑ speed when at the 3rd place at the end of the race

Awaken Skills specialize in obstructing opponents

Can be used as a debuff characters

Nice Nature as Support Card

SSR [Don’t Wipe Your Wishes]
Nice Nature
SR [Just a Drop of Water]
Nice Nature
Wisdom  Guts
Rank: A  Rank: D
Review: Acceleration Gold Skill useful for Chanmi

Gets three types of obstruction skills

High Race Bonus+15%

A useful Wisdom Support Card for Between

Review:  Useful skills for Between

High Hint Lv & Occurrence Rate, East to acquire skills

BUT no Speciality Rate, not flavour to train Guts


SR [Mujamujamujaki]
Nice Nature
Rank: D
Review: A moderate event card without highlights

Lots of middle race/ sabotage skills

An option if you want to train girls with obstruction skills



Name King Halo
CV Iori Saeki
Birthday April 28
Height 159cm
Three Sizes B 85 / W 60 / H 85
Description King Halo is a prideful and resilient horse girl, who hates nothing but losing. In order to win, She will plot different strategies, and even intimidate others to attain her purposes. Few people know what she is actually thinking.

King Halo as Breedable Character

★1 King Halo
Suggested Distance: Short
Suggested Strategy: Between
Rank: B
Review:  Unique skill↑ speed in the remaining 200m if she get calm and composed through the racc

Difficult to activate

Awaken Skills strengthen spurt & vision

Comparatively difficult to train with different distance required in her goals

King Halo as Support Card

SSR [Tonight, Put it on Waltz]
King Halo
SR [First-Class Planning]
King Halo
Power  Speed
Rank: B  Rank: D
Review: Gold Skill specializes Short & Pushing

High training efficiency & Speciality Rate

BUT no Race Bonus

A useful card if you want to train Power alone

Review: Many skills for Short Distance

BUT activated depend on the race conditions

High Hint Lv & Occurrence Rate to get skills

BUT no Race & Speciality Rate



Name T.M. Opera O
CV Sora Tokui
Birthday Mar 13
Height 156cm
Weight Always PERFECT! (Self-claimed)
Three Sizes B 76 / W 55 / H 80
Description Self-proclaimed as the “fastest, strongest, and most beautiful, genius horse girl in the world.” T.M. Opera O is a narcissistic, tomboyish girl who always takes pride in her skills. Her natural ability to lead is outrageous as her charming, princely character, earns favorites among the horse girls.

T.M. Opera O as Breedable Character

★3 T.M. Opera O
Suggested Distance: Middle/ Long
Suggested Strategy: Leading/ Between
Rank: B
Review: Unique skill ↑ speeds up when competing in the front at final corner

BUT difficult to activate with strict conditions

Awaken Skills gets her good position and run pass the other girls

Stamina Bonus+20%, flavours Middle & Long Distance



Name Mihono Bourbon
CV Ikumi Hasegawa
Birthday Apr 25
Height 160cm
Weight No in/decrease
Three Sizes B 86 / W 54 / H 87
Description Mihono Bourbon is a genius at hard work, stoically breaking down overwhelmingly large quantities of practice. Though most horse girls groan at the suggestion of rigorous practice, Mihono Bourbon seems to remain stoic no matter what. She has a cool and mysterious aura, and there are rumors like “Maybe she’s a cyborg?” going around the school.

Mihono Bourbon as Breedable Character

★3 Mihono Bourbon
Suggested Distance: Middle/ Long
Suggested Strategy: Escape
Rank: S
Review: Unique Skill ↑speed if lead by yourself without letting up until the final straight

Awaken Skills accelerate & recover

Stamina Growth Bonus+20%, suitable for Middle/ Long Distance

Mihono Bourbon as Support Card

SSR [Fugue is Blessing]
Mihono Bourbon
SSR [I Want Your Love]
Mihono Bourbon
Stamina  Power
Rank: C  Rank: D
Review: A bonus for purchasing the anime’s Blu-ray

Skills specializes Escape

Limited support skills

High initial stamina, help stabilize early races

Review: Skills specializes Escape

High friendship bonus and high efficiency to train Power

BUT not other training effect, can’t train other stats



Name Biwa Hayahide
CV Yui Kondou
Birthday Mar 10
Height 171cm
Weight No in/decrease
Three Sizes B 93 / W 61 / H 88
Description Biwa Hayahide is a cool, intelligent, and talented horse girl with beautiful silver hair. She analyzes the best way to achieve victory in a race by using calculation and logic. She’s the polar opposite of her younger sister, the uncouth and brusque Narita Brian.

Biwa Hayahide as Breedable Character

★3 Biwa Hayahide
Suggested Distance: Middle/ Long 
Suggested Strategy: Leading
Rank: C
Review: Unique skill ↑Speed

when passing in the front of the last corner

Awaken Skills recover & suitable for Middle / Long Distance

No Growth Bonus on Speed, Stamina & Power

Difficult to train

Biwa Hayahide as Support Card

SSR [Resonating Strain]
Biwa Hayahide
SR [Verification, Begin!]
Biwa Hayahide
Wisdom  Power
Rank: C  Rank: D
Review: A bonus for purchasing the anime’s Blu-ray

Skills flavour Long Distance

Can randomly obtain Corner Recovery

has Wisdom Bonus BUT  overall performance is modest.

Review: Various Support Effects

Trainer’s Effect Up even no limit breaks

Speciality Rate & Stamina Bonus after full limit breaks

Skill Lv & Stats increase is fluctuating



Name Curren Chan
CV Yuu Sasahara
Birthday Mar 31
Height 155cm
Weight Secret~
Three Sizes B 83 / W 55 / H 79
Description Curren Chan is an exceedingly precocious and modern girl. She’s so casual with trainers that she’s liable to just refer to them as “Onii-chan.” Though she’s a bit naive, she shows incredible ability once flattered.

Curren Chan as Breedable Character

★3 Curren Chan
Suggested Distance: Short
Suggested Strategy: Leading
Rank: S
Review: Unique Skill Speed when getting good position in the middle

Slightly difficult to activate, but super powerful

Awaken Skills obstruct other girls

Growth Bonus Speed+10% & Power+20%

Easy to Grow



Name Narita Taishin
CV Keiko Watanabe
Birthday June 10
Height 145cm
Weight Refuse to be measured
Three Sizes B 69 / W 50 / H 73
Description Narita Taishin is a small-statured, but strong-hearted and audacious horse girl. Her attitude towards trainers is more than just hostile, she vocally rejects them outright, and considers all of them annoying and strict. She seems like a cold, sarcastic kid, but she hides an earnest, burning passion for running in her heart.

Narita Taishin as Breedable Character

★3 Narita Taishin
Suggested Distance: Middle/ Long
Suggested Strategy: Pushing
Rank: B
Review: Unique Skill ↑speed in the last corner when coming up from the back

High activation rate for Unique Skill

Awaken Skills flavour Pushing

Comparatively difficult to train

motivation↓ & get tired of training in October

Narita Taishin as Support Card

SR [Wavy Feeling]
Narita Taishin
Rank: D
Review: Skills flavour Pushing

Training effects↑ after full limit breaks

Low Speciality Rate, not useful to train Speed



Name Smart Falcon
CV Hitomi Ohwada
Birthday April 4
Height 156cm
Weight Slightly decrease (Life is hard QAQ)
Three Sizes B 78 / W 55 / H 80
Description Smart Falcon is a twinkling, cute, chestnut-haired, self-proclaimed “umadol” (Uma Musume + Idol). She’s exceedingly adorable, and undoubtedly has the cheery demeanor of an idol, though when it comes to the reason for her career she’s unbelievably motivated.

Smart Falcon as Breedable Character

★3 Smart Falcon
Suggested Distance: Dirt
Suggested Strategy: Escape
Rank: S
Review: Valuable character with Dirt Aptitude A

Speed & Power Bonus, Easy to train

Unique skill ↑momentum when having feeling of her lead being overtaken

High activation rate

Smart Falcon as Support Card

SSR [This is my Road to Umadol☆]
Smart Falcon
Rank: C
Review: Skills specializes for Escape

Power Bonus with no limit breaks, Stamina Bonus with 1 limit break

Race/ Fan Bonus with full limit breaks

BUT low training effects & Speciality Rate

Skills difficult to use



Name Narita Brian
CV Rika Kinugawa
Birthday May 3
Height 160cm
Weight It won’t affect racing no matter what!
Three Sizes B 91 / W 58 / H 85
Description Tough and stubborn, Narita Brian is a wolf-like horse girl that rarely expresses any emotions. Due to her nature, other horse girls find her difficult to approach. She has great patience and is unexpectedly great with children.

Narita Brian as Breedable Character

★3 Narita Brian
Suggested Distance: Middle/ Long
Suggested Strategy: Between/ Leading
Rank: A
Review: Middle & Long distance aptitude

Unique Skill ↑speed if passing by others at the final corner

Excellent Awaken Skills

Speed & Stamina Bonus flavour Long Distance

Goal 4 changes based on your choice at the event “岐”

Narita Brian as Support Card

SSR [Two Pieces]
Narita Brian
Rank: D
Review: Obtain after clearing Main Story Ch. 4

Full limit breaks possible (exchange by Circle pt.)

Skills flavour Middle Leading

BUT rare skill is difficult to activate

Moderate training effects




Name Seiun Sky
CV Akari Kitō
Birthday April 26
Height 155cm
Weight Record Missing
Three Sizes B 77 / W 55 / H 80
Description Seiun Sky is a drowsy horse girl who rarely gets serious in most situations. She often skips training and do everything in her own pace. Despite her seemingly easygoing personality, she is capable of displaying astounding ability once she gets motivated. Covertly, she is a born trickster, able to trick rival racers during races.

Seiun Sky as Breedable Character

★3 Seiun Sky
Suggested Distance: Middle/ Long
Suggested Strategy: Escape
Rank: S
Review: Stamina Bonus+10% Wisdom+20%

Unique Skill gains acceleration when in the first position at last corner

Awaken Skills flavour Long Distance & Escape

An important role for Team Race

her true potential is shown after ↑ her Speed & Stamina to a certain level

Seiun Sky as Support Card

SSR [The Long-Awaited Plot]
Seiun Sky
SSR [The World Becomes Red Tomorrow ♪]
Seiun Sky
Stamina  Wisdom
Rank: A  Rank: B
Review: Powerful Gold Skill “脱出術”

Multiple useful sabotage skills

High training effeciency even no limit breaks

High Speciality Rate & Friendship Bonus

1 limit break: Stamina Bonus, Full: Hint Lv Up

Review: 2 valuable Speed Bonus

Also flavour training speed as a Wisdom card

BUT Gold Skill is difficult to use

Low Speciality Rate & no Race Bonus





Name Hishi Amazon
CV Yuiko Tatsumi
Birthday Mar 26
Height 160cm
Weight Slightly Increase (No Comment!)
Three Sizes B 92 / W 59 / H 89
Description Hishi Amazon is one of the top class horses. She protects the weak and crush their oppressors, just like a heroic delinquent back in the old days. She only follows her own set of rules and beliefs.

Hishi Amazon as Breedable Character

★3 Hishi Amazon
Suggested Distance: Mile/ Middle
Suggested Strategy: Pushing
Rank: B
Review: Unique Skill makes her a little better at positioning during the Final Leg

BUT Difficult to use

Gold Skills flavour Middle Distance Pushing BUT not powerful

Power Bonus+20% Guts+10%

Hishi Amazon as Support Card

SR [Raise to the Top!]
Hishi Amazon
Rank: C
Review: Skills specialize on Pushing/ Leading

High Race Bonus even no limit breaks

High Friendship Bonus, train Power efficiently

Stamina Bonus after full limit breaks



Name Fuji Kiseki
CV Eriko Matsui
Birthday April 15
Height 168cm
Weight No in/decrease
Three Sizes B 84 / W 58 / H 82

Fuji Kiseki is the head of Ritto Dormitory. She is known to be quite suave in her words and mannerisms, and is said to be quite handsome.  She refers her female admirers as ‘Pony-chan’ which seemingly strikes a cupid arrow at them.

Fuji Kiseki as Breedable Character

★3 Fuji Kiseki
Suggested Distance: Mile / Short
Suggested Strategy: Leading
Rank: A
Review: Unique Skill↑Speed

If  in front at the final straight and manage to break out a little

Super Powerful Unique Skill

Power Bonus+20%, Wisdom+10%, High Growth Rate for Mile/ Short

Awaken Skills flavour Mile Leading

Fuji Kiseki as Support Card

SR [Yare Yare, Just Go Home]
Fuji Kiseki
Review: Many skills for Mile/ Leading

Race/ Fans Bonus after 3 limit breaks

Wisdom Bonus after full limit breaks

Easy to get Skill Pt through events



Name Gold City
CV Saki Kosaka
Birthday April 16
Height 158cm
Weight Won’t even show up during measurement
Three Sizes B 85 / W 58 / H 82
Description Gold City is a beautiful young horse girl who possesses platinum blonde hair the color of chestnut and zebra grass. They said that she is the beauty appearing once in a millennium. However, she is difficult to get along and hardly open her hearts to others.

Gold City as Breedable Character

★3 Gold City
Suggested Distance: Mile
Suggested Strategy: Between
Rank: B
Review: Unique Skill ↑ acceleration in the latter half of the raceSkills specialize on Mile 

Can be used as Dirt racer in Team Race if train the aptitude right

Comparatively difficult to train when it has a lot of long distance goals

Gold City as Support Card

SSR [Run(my)way]
Gold City
Rank: C
Review: Gold recover skill “慧眼”

Don’t have much skills, specialize on Mile/ Between recover

Power Bonus after 1 limit break

High hint Lv/ Occurrence Rate

Race/ Fans Bonus after 3 limit breaks 

BUT no Speciality Rate



Name Meisho Doto
CV Misaki Watada
Birthday Mar 25
Height 164cm
Weight Partially Increase
Three Sizes B 99 / W 61 / H 89
Description Meisho Doto is a shy, negative-thinking horse girl. Though her name (Doto) means “surging waves” she is quite mild-mannered. She’s always shivering out of fear. Because of this, despite her skill, she doesn’t win races too often, defeated by her own low self-confidence.

Meisho Doto as Breedable Character

★3 Meisho Doto
Suggested Distance: Middle/ Long
Suggested Strategy: Leading
Rank: A
Review: Unique Skill Speed & acceleration if she overtake from the middle of the pack during the last cornerStaimin Bonus+20%, Guts+10%, great endurance

Possess Useful Gold Skill “Speed Star”

BUT Gold Recover Skill is a bit difficult to use

Shines in specific races

Meisho Doto as Support Card

SR [Happiness, Back to Back]
Meisho Doto
Rank: E
Review: Skills greatly depends on the race/ leading conditions

Events help recover stamina

No Motivation bonus

More useful after 1 limit break with Initial Bonding Up



Name Eishin Flash
CV Ayami Fujino
Birthday Mar 27
Height 160cm
Weight No in/ decrease (Without 1g error)
Three Sizes B 88 / W 59 / H 86
Description Eishin Flash  was born and raised in Germany. She has quite a diligent and methodical personality. She adheres to her schedule down to the second, and is capable of creating and following the most complex of schedules. Also, she has a strong sense of moral obligation, always returns favors, and will keep a promise until death.

Eishin Flash as Breedable Character

★3 Eishin Flash
Suggested Distance: Middle/ Long
Suggested Strategy: Between
Rank: B
Review: Unique Skill ↑Speed at final straightBUT it is unlikely to activate if you are not at the beginning

Wisdom Bonus+20%, Power+10%,

No use to train Wisdom for Middle/ Long Distance race

Gold Awaken Skills, useful in Team Race

Eishin Flash as Support Card

SSR [5pm, Right on Time]
 Eishin Flash
Rank: B
Review: Lots of useful skills as a SR card

Events help recover/ Max. Stamina/ Motivation Up

High support effects

Especially recommended if you are training Between



Name Hisyi Akebono
CV Rei Matsuzaki
Birthday Feb 27
Height 178cm
Weight Largely Increase
Three Sizes B 94 / W 64 / H 88
Description Hisyi Akebono is a large horse girl in both size and heart. She’s always smiling cheerfully and has a cheerful disposition. She considers her physique to be a wonderful defining characteristic for herself. She loves eating and treating others to food too, telling trainers “Heads up! You’re gonna gain at least 10kg (22lbs) coaching me!” She makes the best of her non-standard running physique in races.

Hisyi Akebono as Breedable Character

★3 Hisyi Akebono
Suggested Distance: Short Distance/ Mile
Suggested Strategy: Escape/ Leading
Rank: A
Review: Rare character with short distance aptitudeUnique skill speed If you get a little tired while being in a good position in race’s middle 

Power Bonus+20%, easy to extend the stats

Awaken Skill is gold recover skill

Hisyi Akebono as Support Card

SSR [A Bite to Everything!]
Hisyi Akebono 
Rank: C
Review: Skills specializes on Short Distance/ Escape/ Leading

High Hint Lv & Occurrence Rate, easy to get skills

BUT Low Speciality Rate, not flavour training Guts

Useful if you want Short Distance skills



Name Agnes Digital
CV Minori Suzuki
Birthday May 15
Height 143cm
Weight No in/decrease
Three Sizes B 74 / W 51 / H 75
Description Agnes Digital came to Tracen Academy to be close to the bishojo uma musume that she loved the most. She has an oblivious personality and her likes and dislikes are obvious. She is an all-rounder horse girl and he can attain victory no matter the situation, distance, weather conditions, or track type.

Agnes Digital as Breedable Character 

★3 Agnes Digital


Suggested Distance: Dirt/ Mile
Suggested Strategy: Between/ Leading
Rank: A
Review: Valuable character for Dirt RaceHas growth rate of every stats except Guts

Difficult to train when the growth rate is evenly distributed

Unique Skill ↑Speed if she overtake others at least twice at the end of the race

Unique Skill flavour Leading and Between

Agnes Digital as Support Card

SR [Digital Charging +]
Agnes Digital
Rank: D
Review: Lots of conditional skills

High initial stats for Power, help stabilize training at the beginning

BUT no Speciality Rate, not suitable to train Power in the long run

Support Card



SSR [Warm Heart & Feet]
Ikuno Dictus*NEW
Rank: D
Review: Skills flavour Middle Distance & Between

Easy to get Gold Skill with low Acquisition Pt. 

Full Limit Breaks has Race Bonus+15% 

However, rank is low because rarely use Guts support card in training




■ Introduction PV

■ CM (Heroes, Being Loved in the Past and Future Ver.), Narrated by Hiroshi Kamiya 

■ CM (Heroes, There’s an indomitable drama Ver.), Narrated by Hiroshi Kamiya 

■ CM (Heroes, Rewrite your Records & Memories Ver.), Narrated by Masane Tsukayama

■ CM (Heroes, It’s their Instinct to Yearn for Victory Ver.), Narrated by Masane Tsukayama

■ CM (Heroes, The Fact that They Never Gave up the Lead Ver.) , Narrated by Akio Ōtsuka

■ CM (Heroes, The Fastest Tale in 70 Seconds Ver.), Narrated by Akio Ōtsuka

■ CM (Heroes, There’s the highroad to Win Ver.), Narrated by Akio Ōtsuka

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