[Qoo News] Thank You for Participating in Mr. Qoo’s Birthday Party!


During the month of August, QooApp has been introducing new feature updates and special events and activities for OtaQoo’s to celebrate Mr. Qoo’s birthday. As all the celebrations come to an end, let’s take a look back at all the exciting things that have happened throughout the month.

First off, throughout the Birthday Celebrations, over 100,000 QtaQoos visited the dedicated event page for Mr. Qoo’s birthday party.

One of the most visually significant features QooApp introduced in August is the Mr. Qoo Birthday Skin. The new skin redesigns the UI icons and color scheme of QooApp, giving users a brand new visual experience when using the app. To complement this new Skin, QooApp also introduced the special Birthday Avatar Frames! Here are some of the numbers throughout the month.


Since the introduction of the new skin and frame, over 4000 OtaQoos have switched to use the new birthday frame on their profile and over 24,972 OtaQoos have made the switch to use the new Mr.Qoo Birthday Skin for their UI.

In mid-August, QooApp revealed a series of Mr. Qoo Birthday special gift packs. In the Special Giftpack event, Mr. Qoo partnered up with Sword and Magic, Code: Seet -Seihi no Uta-, and Tiny Fantasy. For the gift codes from the Mr. Qoo Loves U event, many OtaQoos participated in redeeming gift codes for the games they are playing. It turns out that a lot of you play Sword and Magic, as it came out as the game which sold the most gift packs and had the most gift codes redeemed.

Finally, QooApp would like to use this chance to thank all OtaQoos for your support for this event and your continuous support for QooApp over the years. We hope you all had as much fun during the event as we did preparing them. We look forward to continuing to grow together with all of you and create more events for you to all participate in!

Asides from receiving birthday greeting cards from his friends in the gaming industry, throughout the month, many OtaQoos have also shown their love and support to Mr. Qoo in the #MrQooHBD event, from wonderful birthday greetings to greeting cards that OtaQoos have created themselves!

Mr. Qoo Birthday Greeting Cards Highlight:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

In celebration of his birthday, QooApp has also revealed some behind-the-scene looks behind life at QooApp including sneak peeks at the QooApp meeting room as well as what Mr. Qoo’s desk looks like in real life. QooApp also revealed a lot of questions and mysteries revolving around Mr. Qoo. Find out more in the #Ask_Mr.Qoo event!



If you have used QooApp for a while, then you probably already know that Mr. Qoo is almost always seen with his iconic hat. With August being Mr. Qoo’s birthday month, it was a great time to get your opinions on some new looks. In the #Mr.QooNewOutfit event we asked you to vote for a new look for Mr. Qoo. Well, the results are in and this is what you wanted to see the most!


Check out a new introduction video for the new features introduced to QooApp during Mr. Qoo’s birthday month!

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