30 Most-Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games of 2023


The year 2023 looks really promising when it comes to big releases for the Nintendo Switch console, with big franchises making their long-awaited return and many indie studios announcing impressive and stunning games.

In this article, we have gathered the most promising entries that have been officially announced and are planning to reach the hands of gamers this year. Of course, not all of the announced games will be included in the list and with Nintendo’s habit of announcing many of their titles shortly before their release, we are sure to receive many more non-listed pleasant surprises throughout the year.

Persona 4 Golden & Persona 3 Portable

The acclaimed Persona saga continues to make a space in the Nintendo Switch catalog with these two new installments coming to the hybrid console, available to pre-order individually or as a bundle.

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Experience the iconic, critically acclaimed RPG that reinvented the Persona series, Persona 3 Portable, now newly remastered for modern platforms. On the other hand, the world-renowned Persona 4 Golden promises unforgettable adventures, meaningful bonds, and heartwarming experiences shared together with friends.

Both games are considered definitive versions of the PlayStation 2 originals, Persona 3 and 4. They were originally released on PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita in 2009 and 2012 respectively. Despite moving from home to handheld consoles, they both added new content and features.

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Persona 3 & 4 Golden for Nintendo Switch Trailer

■ Release date: January 19, 2023
■ Price: USD $39.49 (Bundle), USD $ 19.99 (Each one individually)
■ Genre: RPG
■ Developer: Atlus
■ Publisher: Sega
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store (Bundle), P3P, P4G

Fire Emblem Engage

As the latest entry of the Fire Emblem series RPGs, Fire Emblem Engage takes place on the continent of Elyos, a world of four kingdoms and one sacred land. The main character Alear, who has lost his/her memory, fights alongside comrades in each country to prevent the resurrection of the Fell Dragon.

QooApp NSwitch SS03

Team up with iconic heroes from previous Fire Emblem games, summoning them with the power of Emblem Rings, and add their power to yours in this new Fire Emblem story. Aside from merging appearances, Fire Emblem Engage lets you use weapons, skills, and more from these legends during battle. The turn-based, tactical battle is back with the brand-new Engage system to add more layers to the strategy.

Read More: Fire Emblem Engage Coming to Nintendo Switch on January 20

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Fire Emblem Engage Trailer

■ Release date: January 20, 2023
■ Price: USD $59.99 (Digital Version)
■ Genre: RPG
■ Developer: Intelligent Systems
■ Publisher: Nintendo
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

As a remake of “Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life” released on September 12, 2003, Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life adds new events, festivals, crops, cooking, a new camera function, and more for this Nintendo Switch port.

QooApp NSwitch SS05

Your new life begins in Forgotten Valley, a tranquil community where your father and his friend Takakura once dreamed of running a farm. As you befriend the valley’s residents and fulfill your father’s legacy, you’ll live a carefree life on the farm growing crops and raising animals. As the seasons go by, you’ll find your lifelong partner, raise a child together, and watch them grow up before your very eyes.

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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Trailer

■ Release date: January 26, 2023 (in Japan), Summer 2023 (in the West)
■ Price: JPY $5478 (JP), TBA (EN)
■ Genre: Lifestyle Simulation
■ Developer: Marvelous (XSEED)
■ Publisher: Marvelous (XSEED)
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

The long-awaited latest title in the Theatrhythm series, in which players can enjoy a rhythm game to the music of the Final Fantasy franchise on Nintendo Switch. This title will contain a total of 502 songs, the largest volume ever including additional content and DLCs. The game will also feature online multiplayer battles with other players.

QooApp NSwitch SS04

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line will include popular tracks from a total of 46 different games, featuring the latest music from FFI through to FFXV in the main series, as well as remakes, spin-offs, and various different soundtrack CDs. Relive the thrilling battles and soaring emotions alongside beautiful music and video.

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Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Announcement Trailer

■ Release date: February 16, 2023
■ Price: USD $49.99 (Digital Edition), USD $79.99 (Deluxe), USD $99.99 (Premium)
■ Genre: Rhythm
■ Developer: indies zero
■ Publisher: Square Enix
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Tales of Symphonia Remastered

Fans of the Tales Series will be thrilled to have a brand-new HD remastered version of the original Tales of Symphonia, one of the most popular titles in the Tales of series and still loved by many people today.

QooApp NSwitch SS06 6

The hero, Lloyd, and the heroine, Colette, embark on a journey of world rebirth to save Sylvarant, a world in danger of extinction due to the exploitation of mana by an evil group. The game offers an epic adventure fantasy starring characters rich in personality and full of charm.

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  • QooApp NSwitch SS06 5

Tales of Symphonia Remastered Trailer

■ Release date: February 17, 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: RPG
■ Developer: Bandai Namco
■ Publisher: Bandai Namco
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Digimon World: Next Order

Digimon World: Next Order is an RPG in the Digimon franchise and the sixth in the Digimon World series. Developed by B.B. Studio and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, it was originally released for PlayStation Vita in Japan on March 17, 2016, and then for PlayStation 4 in North America and PAL regions in January 2017.

QooApp NSwitch SS07

Step into the role of a DigiDestined, embark on another quest in the digital world to restore the world back to order after Machinedramon took over the world, and uncover the dark forces at play behind its takeover! You will encounter a huge array of Digimon as you recruit them as you battle in real-time RPG combat, strengthening their bonds and evolving your Digimon!

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Digimon World: Next Order Trailer

■ Release date: February 22, 2023
■ Price: USD $59.99
■ Genre: RPG
■ Developer: Bandai Namco
■ Publisher: Bandai Namco
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key

This game continues the story of Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness and the Secret Hideout released in 2019 and Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy released in 2020. As the third work of the series, the game marks the end of Ryza’s adventures.

QooApp NSwitch SS08

The story takes place about a year after Atelier Ryza 2. Ryza and her friends, who spend their days on the island of Kurken, are sent to investigate a mysterious archipelago that suddenly appeared in the surrounding waters. The last summer adventure for Ryza and her friends begins!

Read More: Atelier Ryza 3 Interview – Producer Junzo Hosoi Discusses Ryza’s Third and Final Adventure

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Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key Trailer

■ Release date: February 24, 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: RPG
■ Developer: Koei Tecmo
■ Publisher: Koei Tecmo
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe is a remake of the critically acclaimed Kirby’s Wii game originally released in 2011, developed by HAL Laboratory.

QooApp NSwitch SS09

First debuting back in 2011 as the first-ever title on the Wii, the original Wii release was a 2.5-dimensional side-scroller that was a return to form for console releases of Kirby games. This remake will bring new updates to the classic copy abilities mechanic, incorporating a powered-up set of copy abilities called Super Abilities!

Read More: Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe Bounces its Way to Switch on February 24

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  • QooApp NSwitch SS09 6

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe Trailer

■ Release date: February 24, 2023
■ Price: USD $59.99
■ Genre: Platformer
■ Developer: HAL Laboratory
■ Publisher: Nintendo
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Octopath Traveler II

Octopath Traveler II is a completely new RPG in the Octopath Traveler series that was born in 2018. The game’s distinctive HD-2D graphics, a fusion of retro pixel art and 3DCG, have been further evolved, and the journey of the eight main characters weaves its way through a new land called Solistia.

Read More: Octopath Traveler II Coming to PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC on February 24, 2023

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  • QooApp NSwitch SS10 6 2

Octopath Traveler II Trailer

■ Release date: February 24, 2023
■ Price: USD $59.99
■ Genre: RPG
■ Developer: Square Enix
■ Publisher: Square Enix
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Rune Factory 3 Special

Rune Factory 3 Special is a remake of Rune Factory 3 originally released on October 22, 2009. In addition to the elements from the previous remake, the new version is packed with new elements exclusive to this release, such as Newlywed Mode and a new difficulty level, Hell Mode.

QooApp NSwitch SS11

Settle down in an idyllic fantasy town as a young adventurer with a monstrous secret in Rune Factory 3, remastered for a new generation on Nintendo Switch.

Read More: Rune Factory 3 Special Heading to Switch in 2023; New Game In-Development

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Rune Factory 3 Special Trailer

■ Release date: March 02, 2023 (Japan), Spring 2023 (EN)
■ Price: JPY $5478 (JP), TBA (EN)
■ Genre: RPG, Life Simulation
■ Developer: Neverland
■ Publisher: Marvelous (XSEED)
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

The fourth remastered version of the Japanese horror adventure series Fatal Frame was originally released for Nintendo Wii in 2008. The story is told from the perspective of four girls, who were kidnapped in a ritual on Rougetsu Island years ago, and Choshiro Kirishima, the detective who, after investigating the actions that took place at Haibara Hospital, found the girls who had been kidnapped during the strange ritual.

QooApp NSwitch SS12

The title begins when the girls decide to go back and visit the island again in search of the lost memories of that day. Attempt to repel encroaching ghosts, relying only on a faint glow from a flashlight and a camera with the ability to photograph unimaginable things, the Camera Obscura.

Read More: Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Remake Release Date Announced on March 9, 2023

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  • QooApp NSwitch SS12 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS12 5
  • QooApp NSwitch SS12 6

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Trailer

■ Release date: March 9, 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Adventure, Horror
■ Developer: Koei Tecmo
■ Publisher: Koei Tecmo
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store


The remake of the original Ib, a 2D horror exploration adventure set in an eerie museum developed by indie game developer kouri is finally heading to Nintendo Switch!

QooApp NSwitch SS13

In this remake, players take control of the main character, a young girl named Ib, who is trapped in a mysterious museum, and must overcome a number of strange incidents in order to escape.

  • QooApp NSwitch SS13 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS13 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS13 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS13 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS13 5
  • QooApp NSwitch SS13 6

Ib Trailer

■ Release date: March 9, 2023
■ Price: JPY $3980 (JP), TBA (EN)
■ Genre: RPG
■ Developer: kouri
■ Publisher: Playism
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

ONI : Road to be the Mightiest Oni

ONI : Road to be the Mightiest Oni is a 3D action game that follows the story of Kuuta, an ogre, and his partner Kazemaru, a ghostlike spirit, who vows revenge against the evil ogre Momotaro. The player controls both Kuuta and Kazemaru at the same time in a single-minded action game, as they must overcome a number of challenges.

QooApp NSwitch SS15

The story takes place on Kisejima, a small island in the middle of the ocean. Here, it is said that the power that lies dormant within the local demon spirits can be drawn out by challenging them to trials, where ancient demons who were once defeated by Momotaro are summoned to battle. However, few have ever returned from Kisejima alive.

  • QooApp NSwitch SS15 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS15 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS15 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS15 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS15 5
  • QooApp NSwitch SS15 6

ONI : Road to be the Mightiest Oni Trailer

■ Release date: March 9, 2023
■ Price: USD $29.99
■ Genre: Action
■ Developer: Kenei Design, Shueisha Games
■ Publisher: Clouded Leopard Entertainment
Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon

Announced at The Game Awards 2022, this is the origin story of the Bayonetta series. The story will focus on Bayonetta’s Cereza era and depicts how she grows up to be a full-fledged witch after meeting the demon Cheshire.

QooApp NSwitch SS14

Long before this trainee of the dark arts would come to be called Bayonetta, she took a fateful journey into the forbidden Avalon Forest. Alongside her was Cheshire, her very first demon, possessing Cereza’s stuffed toy. Play as both Cereza and Cheshire and search through the treacherous forest to look for the power to save Cereza’s mother.

Read More: Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon for Switch Announced for March 17 Release

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  • QooApp NSwitch SS14 5
  • QooApp NSwitch SS14 6

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Trailer

■ Release date: March 17, 2023
■ Price: USD $59.99
■ Genre: Action, Adventure
■ Developer: Platinum Games
■ Publisher: Nintendo
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection encompasses the entire 10 titles in the Mega Man Battle Network series. It also features a gallery with over 1,000 illustrations, and a music mode containing over 150 songs.

QooApp NSwitch SS16 7

Get ready to jack into the net to face off against deadly enemy programs in electrifying grid-based battles, and search the net for rare and powerful BattleChips to build the ultimate deck of special moves!

Read More: Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Will Release on April 14, 2023 for PS4, Switch, and PC via Steam

  • QooApp NSwitch SS16 1
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  • QooApp NSwitch SS16 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS16 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS16 5
  • QooApp NSwitch SS16 6

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Trailer

■ Release date: April 14, 2023
■ Price: USD $59.99
■ Genre: Action, RPG
■ Developer: Capcom, Digital Eclipse, Backbone Entertainment
■ Publisher: Capcom
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Fitness Boxing: Fist of the North Star

Fitness Boxing makes another crossover with the world-popular anime Fist of the North Star! Familiar characters such as Kenshiro become your instructors! In addition, a new battle mode against rivals has been introduced, allowing you to enjoy the exercise with enhanced action gameplay.

Punch your way through the many enemies that stand in your way, and aim for victory in the boss battle!

QooApp NSwitch SS17
  • QooApp NSwitch SS17 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS17 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS17 3

Fitness Boxing: Fist of the North Star Trailer

■ Release date: March 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Sports, Training
■ Developer: Imagineer
■ Publisher: Imagineer
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Although the details of the gameplay have not been announced and most of what is related to the game remains a mystery, a video has been revealed so far showing Link with long hair and mysterious equipment on his right hand and a new adventure setting. It has also been revealed that the game will take place in the sky.

Read More: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Launches on May 12

QooApp NSwitch SS18
  • QooApp NSwitch SS18 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS18 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS18 3

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Trailer

■ Release date: May 12, 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Adventure, RPG
■ Developer: Nintendo
■ Publisher: Nintendo
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends is an upcoming strategy-themed Minecraft spin-off game developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive. Discover the mysteries of Minecraft Legends, an action and strategy game. Lead your allies in heroic battles to defend the Surface from destructive piglins.

QooApp NSwitch SS19

Explore familiar, yet mysterious terrain, teeming with diverse life, lush biomes, and valuable resources. However, this paradise is on the brink of destruction. The piglins have arrived, threatening to corrupt the Surface.

  • QooApp NSwitch SS19 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS19 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS19 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS19 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS19 5

Minecraft Legends Trailer

■ Release date: Spring 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Action, Strategy
■ Developer: Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive
■ Publisher: Mojang
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Fae Farm

Fae Farm is a beautiful co-op farming simulator developed and distributed by Phoenix Labs that is scheduled for release in the spring of 2023. Escape to the fairytale life of your dreams in this farm simulator RPG for 1-4 players. Craft, cultivate, and decorate to grow your shared homestead—and use spells to explore the enchanted island of Azoria!

QooApp NSwitch SS20

You’ll forge new bonds with residents, discover fae magic, and trek across mysterious realms. And as the seasons change, you’ll use all you’ve learned and discovered together to restore the world around you.

  • QooApp NSwitch SS20 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS20 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS20 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS20 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS20 5
  • QooApp NSwitch SS20 6

Fae Farm Trailer

■ Release date: Spring 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Adventure, Simulation
■ Developer: Phoenix Labs
■ Publisher: Phoenix Labs
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly is an adventure game in which you serve a cup of warm coffee to the people you meet, enjoying conversation with them and inspiring them to change their lives. This new story takes place three years after the previous Coffee Talk game.

QooApp NSwitch SS24
  • QooApp NSwitch SS24 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS24 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS24 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS24 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS24 5
  • QooApp NSwitch SS24 6

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly Trailer

■ Release date: Spring 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Adventure
■ Developer: Toge Productions
■ Publisher: Chorus Worldwide Games
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code

Rain Code is a completely new dark-fantasy deduction action game co-developed by Spike Chunsoft and Too Kyo Games, a company formed in 2017 led by Danganronpa’s creator Kazutaka Kodaka.

QooApp NSwitch SS23 7

Fans of the Danganronpa will find themselves on a new project that features quirky dark fantasy written by Kazutaka Kodaka and Takekuni Kitayama. Yuma, an amnesiac detective-in-training, and Shinigami, the spirit haunting him, tackle unsolved mysteries in a strange city caged by unending rain.

Read More: Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Launching in Spring 2023 for Switch

  • QooApp NSwitch SS23 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS23 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS23 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS23 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS23 5
  • QooApp NSwitch SS23 6

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Trailer

■ Release date: 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Adventure
■ Developer: Too Kyo Games, Spike Chunsoft
■ Publisher: Spike Chunsoft
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp is a remake of the two classic Game Boy Advance strategy titles from the Advance Wars series, and the fifth game in the series of games. The key differences between Re-Boot Camp and the original games are the new art style, re-recorded soundtrack, the use of 3D graphics, and the addition of online versus functionality.

QooApp NSwitch SS21

Advance Wars begins with the war between Orange Star and Blue Moon. As Orange Star’s tactical advisor, the player follows the combat during the game across 3 continents. In the end, it is discovered that the enigmatic Black Hole army, under the command of Sturm, is the true enemy. Using OJ clones, Sturm provoked war between the four countries to confuse, weaken, and ultimately conquer them.

  • QooApp NSwitch SS21 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS21 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS21 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS21 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS21 5
  • QooApp NSwitch SS21 6

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp Trailer

■ Release date: 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Strategy
■ Developer: WayForward
■ Publisher: Nintendo
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

Lost Signals is the sequel to the mind-bending critically-acclaimed narrative adventure game Oxenfree from Night School Studio. Play it as a standalone story or dive deeper by playing the original story. As you play, you’ll shape every step of the story through your choices. How you choose to deal with the supernatural events at hand will forever alter the future.

QooApp NSwitch SS22

TVs turn on and off. Planes lose radar. Radio stations can’t broadcast through static. In the small coastal town of Camena, unnaturally occurring electromagnetic waves are suddenly causing interference with electrical and radio equipment. Reluctantly, Riley Poverly returns to her hometown to investigate the mystery, but what she finds is more than she bargained for.

  • QooApp NSwitch SS22 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS22 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS22 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS22 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS22 5

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Trailer

■ Release date: 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Adventure, Simulation
■ Developer: Night School Studio
■ Publisher: Netflix
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars is an upcoming role-playing video game by Sabotage Studio. It is a prequel to The Messenger released in 2018 and is set to be released for Nintendo Switch in mid-2023.

QooApp NSwitch SS27

Sea of Stars tells the story of two Children of the Solstice who combine the powers of the sun and moon to perform Eclipse Magic, the only force capable of fighting off the monstrous creations of an evil alchemist known as The Fleshmancer.

  • QooApp NSwitch SS27 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS27 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS27 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS27 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS27 5
  • QooApp NSwitch SS27 6

Sea of Stars Trailer

■ Release date: 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Adventure, RPG
■ Developer: Sabotage Studio
■ Publisher: Sabotage Studio
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Disney Illusion Island

Disney Illusion Island is a video game developed by Dlala Studios that will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch in 2023. This 2D platform game with co-op mode will put us in the shoes of four important Disney characters, being able to choose between Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy.

QooApp NSwitch SS28

Join Mickey & Friends on a quest to explore the mysterious island of Monoth and recover three mystical books to save the world from disaster!

  • QooApp NSwitch SS28 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS28 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS28 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS28 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS28 5
  • QooApp NSwitch SS28 6

Disney Illusion Island Trailer

■ Release date: 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Adventure, Platformer
■ Developer: Dlala Studios
■ Publisher: Disney Interactive
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4 is a real-time strategy game in which players instruct the mysterious Pikmin creatures to collect pieces of ships and treasures scattered across an unknown planet. This is the first numbered title since Pikmin 3 for Wii U, which was released in 2013.

QooApp NSwitch SS25 5

There is not much information available yet, with more expected information to come in the next few months.

Read More: Nintendo Reveals Pikmin 4 is Coming in 2023

  • QooApp NSwitch SS25 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS25 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS25 3 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS25 4 1

Pikmin 4 Trailer

■ Release date: 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Action
■ Developer: Nintendo
■ Publisher: Nintendo

Super Bomberman R 2

In addition to the traditional Bomberman gameplay, Super Bomberman R 2 will havea new battle mode in which players fight in asymmetric numbers of 1 vs 15.

QooApp NSwitch SS26

The game will succeed Super Bomberman R released in 2017 and Super Bomberman R Online. released in 2021. The popular story mode comes back with an original story that unfolds as players explore the field.

  • QooApp NSwitch SS26 1
  • QooApp NSwitch SS26 2
  • QooApp NSwitch SS26 3
  • QooApp NSwitch SS26 4
  • QooApp NSwitch SS26 5

Super Bomberman R 2 Trailer

■ Release date: 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: Action
■ Developer: Konami
■ Publisher: Konami

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a JRPG developed by Rabbit and Bear Studios. The game was funded through a Kickstarter campaign on July 27, 2020, soaring past its minimum goal of JPY $500,000 and successfully raising over JPY $4.6 million. The series’ first entry Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising made its debut last year and the second game, Hundred Heros will arrive in 2023!

QooApp NSwitch SS29 8

Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes is designed to give players a modern take on a classic JRPG experience. Get ready to lead over 100 playable characters through a war-torn world that only you can save.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Trailer

■ Release date: 2023
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: RPG
■ Developer: Rabbit and Bear Studios
■ Publisher: 505 Games

Disgaea 7

As the latest entry of the Disgaea series, Disgaea 7 features an all-new story with new characters. It will be released in Japan on January 26, 2023, followed by a global release sometime later this year.

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Set in the Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster, a new Japanese-inspired demon world, you will be controlling the wandering Samurai Fuji, and the Hinomoto Otaku Piririka to bring order back to the impoverished Hinomoto, and overthrow the Ooedo Shogunate! Experience the series’ massive playground of upgrade features to deal trillions of damage, throw out over-the-top super moves, and experience the world of Disgaea once more!

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Disgaea 7 Trailer

■ Release date: January 26, 2023 (in Japan), 2023 (EN)
■ Price: TBA
■ Genre: RPG
■ Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
■ Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software


The award-winning indie title is heading to Switch this year after its successful debut on Steam last September. NeverAwake is a nightmarish twin-stick shooter with a unique worldview and original game rules, developed by Neotro Inc.

Featuring a girl named Rem, who never wakes up and has been fighting monsters in her dreams, she fights against vegetables, dogs, school friends, and other things she hates. What does the girl see at the end of the battle? And will she be able to wake up?

Nintendo Switch

A unique world view set in inside of a girl’s nightmare with beautiful hand-drawn graphics and animations, unique game rules, and high retry ability. The ending of this title will change depending on the player’s dedication.

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NeverAwake Trailer

■ Release date: January 19, 2023
■ Price: USD $21.24 (-15% Until January 18)
■ Genre: Shooting
■ Developer: Neotro Inc.
■ Publisher: Phoenixx
■ Pre-order on Nintendo Store

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